Sunday, 13 October 2019


Some help!

I have been trying to decide on the light 
fixtures for kitchen and dining room.

I keep going back and forth with my thinking
on what I like, what will work and whats on sale

I like these. They have a very modern clean look. Not sure modern would be the look I am going for.


 I also like these.  Not quite as modern looking
Still very clean looking.
Both light sets are LED. 

For the dining room!
Of coarse I fell in love with
the crystals and sparkles. Lets face it
those would not work.
Maybe one of these?

At first I was thinking small and
searching for  three lights
because of the space. This is a five light
vintage tuscan.

This is a five light Allen Roth
I think it has more weight to it.
I don't think it would over whelm it's space,

Five light French. I almost think this one might
be my favorite.  I like the look of the small 
shades on the bulbs.

I also think, because of the location 
I would like to add a dimmer. Not sure 
about that either!

 So, I do have some decision to make. If there is
something you like please share 
your thoughts.


  1. I like any of them, they are all very classic in style and design so I think any of them would work. You have great taste, just trust your instinct.

    1. Thank you. Trusting my instinct is not always easy.

  2. I like the last two the best. I've always liked the Tuscan look.

    Have fun shopping and deciding, Nonie. : )


  3. LOL- Lighting is always one of the hardest things to decide, I least for me. I think any of them would work. I think a clean, modern light can fit almost any lifestyle and the closer to the ceiling it is-it becomes less obvious so you almost overlook it. xo Diana

    1. To me, what is hard about lighting is--it is not something you can change easily if you made a wrong choice!

  4. I like the first one for your kitchen because it will blend into the ceiling and most people will not notice it anyway. Just make sure it is enough lightning for that space. The dining area is different and could be a focal point. I love all of the fixtures for the dining area, but from experience, I do not like the glass shades that face upward. They are dust collectors and are a pain to take them down to clean. If the glass is thick enough, you can toss them on the top rack of the dishwasher. But you still have to get them down, and some of those require you to remove the bulb then the shade. I have some in my bathroom and I don't like them because they always look dusty. I think the tuscan would look good without the glass shades. So my choice would be that one without the glass or the last one. Obviously that is just my opinion. LOL

  5. Angela, I just found out those first two are bulb less. Yikes! on to new in the world.
    Good point about attracting dust and don't forget the random bug.