Tuesday, 30 April 2019


So Blessed

Thank you all.  I am so grateful for the suggestions of ways to help Steve.   I am researching many of them.  

I also know, I am blessed in having a home. Yes, it was hard leaving my little brick house.  In a way, this move
really requires me to stay busy.
Drusilla, is not crazy about it.  She can not come and go as she pleases but must be trained to a leash!  
Won't that be fun!!

Now, the yard!  
My box wood shrub continues to get yellow tips.
I have fertilized, and watered, maybe it just needs more time. I might just dig up the two troubled ones and plant new ones.

The large rocks and little rocks around it
are now gone.

Would love a suggestion.



  1. Well, the flowers I had in the front of my old house were Azaleas and always did well. You know I love roses. They are sturdy and grow even in harsh temperatures. Daisies can be tricky. I tried planting them one time and they didn't do well at all. I think little garden statues would make your place feel like home too. I love the color of that aqua wall in the distance. : )


    1. Thank you Sheri, I also love roses and have the perfect spot to grow some. I am going to look for something structural. I agree, it needs something.

  2. It's looking good! I think your boxwood needs trimming. The hotter it gets, the harder it is for water to reach all of the branches. Most boxwoods here are kept trimmed. It may take a while to shoot new growth, but it will look much healthier

    1. Shirley, yes, they do need some training. I had Seth trim on them as best he could. They are very spindly, from lack of good care. I think if I can get them in shape they will be pretty.