Wednesday, 24 April 2019



I will not try to answer, but, will send you a link.  There is much that can be researched   on the topic.
I will say, it is something I hope none of you ever have to deal with. I learned of Aphasia, after my husband Steve had a stroke.  Aphasia, can be caused by a fall or head trauma.

Ours, was caused by a stroke. We were one of those families, that after Steve's heart attack and surgery. We were very diligent about checking blood pressure.  Eating right, exercising and  doing  the yearly check ups with the heart Dr.

This link to the Mayo Clinic, explains different aphasia's. 
Steve has what is called fluent aphasia.      To sum it up, I have no clue what he is saying, he has no clue what I am saying.

The hardest part for me has become not having anyone to talk to.  Example, today the store was having a sale on outdoor carpet.  He knows I want one for our porch/deck. I write porch/deck because I do not know if it is a porch or a deck.  I am sure I will figure it out.
So, I ask him, "Do you like the blue one" he answers "I'm okay".

In many ways we are blessed, he is physically alright.  That can also be a curse, because people do not understand why he doesn't respond to them.

So goes my day, my month, my year.  
I know I have let it consume me. Even with belonging to the aphasia groups, it is still consuming me.

God, planted me right in a big beautiful mess. A mobile home that once I stopped crying, I could see has some possibilities.
Travel with me as I turn this into a home to be proud of.

My friend Angela, said to finish each journal posting with a positive.
How about this, it is blooming,   right
here in my little yard.



  1. I'm so sorry you're going through this difficult time, Nonie. After my mom's stroke, it took some time for her to talk well again. Keep working on your house and adding your special touches, and Yes, I will be here with you through the journey and look forward to seeing the progress and changes that are made. Thinking of you, Nonie, and sending cheerful thoughts today. And that red tulip is a beauty. : )


    1. Thank you so much, just knowing there might be a time he speaks again is so hopeful. I now, think God knew this is where I am supposed to be.


  2. I am so sorry for all of this. Life is wonderful but can be full of hurt and sorrow, too. I pray he will get better.
    I was so shattered when Bill passed but so thankful he was never in pain and he went so quick. 5 months from the time we found he had brain cancer to him passing on to his Heavenly home.
    I've seen mobile homes that were sooo pretty. I think you will enjoy making yours pretty. Prayers and thoughts to you.

    1. Thank you prayers work. You have been my inspiration, through your blog. You have created beauty and kept loving.


  3. The flowers are beautiful!! A sign of what's to come. Sending cyber hugs!