Saturday, 4 May 2019


Then the two books that have become my constant companions  are:
This is a recent gift from a friend.
I have noticed that the same statements
read at different parts of the day
have completely different meanings. 

The next book, was one recommended by
the speech therapist.
It has answered so many questions for me.
 Brain injury does not always come
from a stroke. It can come from any
head injury.
The point that he is right now, he 
is not helping himself. If he learned
any words, it is "I can't".
Most of the time he will not try.  Even meds 
do not seem to help. I believe it to be
 mind over matter. You have to believe you can.
I try to be positive and encouraging which
is all I can do.

My garden.

Look what I found at an amazing price:

Hard to tell from the picture but
it is huge.  This will be the needed focal point
for the shade garden.
I was thinking statue or bird bath then
I came upon this. Next step, plant 
something in it!!

I snagged a 6x8 carpet! it fits my porch/deck/   

Need to do some work but
it's a start.
I wish I could wish the green away.


  1. Your home is starting to say "welcome" Nonie. Looks so nice, and I love that big blue pot and your white bench. Can't wait to see more. You are being patient with Steve, and I think that says it all. Hang in there.


    1. Sheri, so glad it is starting to look welcoming. I am so encouraged to keep going with this project.

  2. Nonie- It is so hard to work with someone who is not willing to challenge themself to try and make progress on an injury. I am sorry for you as the caregiver. I have been in the caregiver position several times in my life and it can drain you. Take good care of yourself!

    Can't wait to see what you plant in your garden piece! xoDiana

    1. Diana, thank you. I am finding the garden to be my place to find peace.

  3. I think broken brains are so very hard to deal with...and understand. I know there's broken circuits in brain damage that must be so hard to overcome...and I know sometimes they can't be overcome. I think you are doing a good job trying to encourage him....I know you must get so tired and frustrated. That's where your faith comes in.
    Love your big blue pot...and glad you found a rug for your deck....

    1. I wonder how do people make it without prayer. I do so love the blue pot! Isn't it fun when you come across just the right thing??

  4. Where would we be without Faith? A long time ago, my Fairy Godmother Aunty Therese gave us a pretty porcelain box filled with 365 little cards that have a Bible verse on one side and an inspirational quote on the reverse. When we say our breakfast prayers every morning, we take turns picking a card for the day--it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Prayers and time--we keep you and Steve in our prayers!

    I love your pretty "finds" for your garden and your porch. They make your home look so inviting!! And, your porch looks like the perfect oasis!

    Hugs, Karen

  5. Karen, the box would be so special. Thank you for the prayers, they mean the world to me.