Saturday 11 November 2017


   I just knew we are kindred spirits.

How could we not be, when we both fell in love with the same cabinet???

I kept looking at the cabinet you posted and thought wow, that could sure be pretty in the right hands.  Well, those hands were your hands and I love how you saved this wonderful cabinet.

Mine, is still in the wood finish, so it took me a second to realize that it is the very same cabinet!

 BJ"S cabinet

BJ"S CABINET after fixing. 

If you would like to see BJ's total transformation of her hutch, you can visit her here
  My cabinet, has the wood finish.  The very same rose.     
 Mine is not as well organized.
So that can be an upcoming project. 


  1. I love it!!! LOL...and I love bj, too...and YOU, of course. Hope you have a blessed weekend. xo Diana

  2. What a charming cabinet, Nonie. Love the rose on the glass. I have those same glass windows on mine, but my design in the center of the glass is different. I especially like your roosters on top. : )


  3. hahhaa....we do indeed like the same style of things, dear Nonie..thank you for giving me a shoutout...

    the doors are different and the hardware but basically the same. I'd love to see your entire hutch.