Wednesday 29 November 2017



Christmas is about memories.  It is as much about past Christmases as it is about the present one.
Every ornament I pick up has a memory attached, every decoration tells a story.
This year, is actually my first Christmas to decorate in our new/old house. Last year I spent in not the best circumstance.   As I have shared, we have down sized, so when the boxes of decorations where brought here from storage, I felt panic.  I am not the type of person that parts with things easily.  I knew, something would have to go---
That something, ended up being my Christmas village (insert tears).  I was so blessed to find out my son Tony and his family would be glad to take the village.  will have to share pictures of it all put together.
BUT!!!  there was a hold out, a little house I could not part with.  One Christmas, my granddaughter Zoe, came running in the house on Christmas eve and put this little house right in the middle of all the village homes.  I wanted to cry, how precious this little house is.  How it got to take center stage in the village.  How it is a hold out and is decorating my home this year.


  1. I'm so glad you still have the house that means so much to you, Nonie. Me and Jess were just talking about this....she is giving things away and it's so hard for her. We both have small homes and are downsizing, so I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm sorry you had to give away the Christmas village, but at least your son has a chance to enjoy it. And you got to keep the wonderful little house from your precious granddaughter. You're right, there's so many past memories that we want to hold on to, and every Christmas decoration has a story. : )


  2. Pretty little "keep forever house".
    I just brought in Christmas stuff and not sure I can even do it this year....especially the tree. He always put the tree up and I decorated it. Maybe I should get a new tree ??