Saturday 18 July 2020

Not good with plants

Went the usual way

I was given a plant for my birthday.  A you can't kill this type of plant.

Me?  I am a master at killing un killable plants.

this plant was in my care for five (5) days!

I didn't think that was long enough to bring harm to it.
I did not water it!!  so everyone saying it was over watered, well, that wasn't by me.

Put it out side people said;
So, off to the porch it went, and it was also
given an angel to watch over it:

doesn't look like that is working
It might be a stretch but I think
there is some improvement.
If you squint, right in the center
you can see what looks like new leaves.

Okay, the challenge is on!  I am so tired of killing plants
I am determined to dig in (get it?)
I will be successful, not sure how many plants will give up
their lives but I hope not to many.   


  1. I am not good with house plants myself. I like them but find the fake ones looks as good and are easier to take care of. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. The fake ones are so easy to take care of and can be put anywhere. I am on a quest now! I am going to be successful with this plant thing.

  3. I know it is going to look awful but cut all the 'bad leaves' off. The plant will keep trying to repair them and the energy won't go to new growth. Just a suggestion but that is what I do. xo Diana

  4. Thank you Diane, your right it really does look sad. I took off all the sad leaves, there is a little growth ( or my imagination) right in the center.

  5. Well, LOL I wish I could help but I am horrible at keeping plants alive.. I have however managed to keep a spider plant alive thats over 25 years old and that's only because those are truly unkillable unless you don't water them.

    1. Wow Robyn, I am impressed, 25 years is a long time. I love spider plants, not sure about the un-killable part lol.

  6. Oh Nonie, I chuckled because I'm not good with plants either. And I'm hoping that my roses make it in the back yard. This looks like a cactus type plant, so just keep giving it a little care and water and see what happens. Your little angel is sweet. So nice that you put her there to watch over it. I noticed your table and chair. Where did you get that? I love it - it kind of looks French looking. : )


  7. Sheri, indeed it is cactus type, you can't kill this plant. Or so I was told. It was a gift, so not like I just went out and bought it!!

    I love my table and chair set, it was a gift from my sister, who used to work for Ace Hardware, so I have a feeling that might be where she got it.