Friday, 1 May 2020


May Day flowers

April showers bring May flowers.

The one day of the year that always stands out for me, is May day.
My aunt was really big on gardens and flowers, a trait my sister got more then I did.
But Aunt Elsie, always had me take a basket of flowers to our neighbors and put it on her porch and ring the bell.  Of coarse we were to hide, so the flowers were a special gift.

I loved doing that!  
Does anyone still do that?  

Well, I didn't get a basket of flowers ready for you but here is a picture of my wild roses.

They grew from a start that I got 
from roses on the side of the road.

A favorite red rose
Hoping May brings us all many blessings


  1. Beautiful flowers Nonie!!! I also hope that May will be bringing blessings!!! 💕

  2. What a sweet idea! Beautiful flowers!!

  3. The red rose made my heart sing, thank you!