Monday, 5 March 2018

Our New Normal?

                        I PRAY IT"S NOT

Steve is home.  That is good news, more good news is, he is in perfect health.  Now, that sounds wrong but physically there is nothing wrong, which is good.  The stroke left him with what is called aphasia.   He can think, he can function as normal but can not translate the words or thoughts to come through verbally.  So, most of the time his speech is jumbled.

   I would love to be able to define aphasia, but from what I have learned it is different for every patient.  There are things that can be done in helping.  Mostly right now it is a learning curve for me.

Always look for beauty where you do not expect it. This flower blooms along the river bank, what are the chances of it living and blooming here?  The river, has floods, yet this little flower has never been washed away.  On a glorious spring day she chose to bloom.  Bloom, where you are planted.


  1. So glad to hear your husband is doing well. My mom had a stroke also, and sometimes having speech therapy speeds up the whole process of speaking again. My mom went a few times, but then after that, she learned to speak on her own again, and she gradually got better. Yes, the speech will be jumbled, you just have to remember that. : ) Sending you some comforting thoughts today.


  2. I am thrilled to know he is home with you now.
    So many good therapy places to help with his speech.'
    2 weeks ago, my darling son in law's dad had a stroke and he didn't make it. So thankful your sweetheart DID.

  3. Oh-Praying for you and Steve. That is one of the disorders that affects stroke patients...and a hard, and very frustrating one, to live with....I hope you can work together towards a brighter future. xo Diana