Wednesday, 28 March 2018


                Living with hope!!

I have posted about Steve's stroke.  In some ways we are what you might call lucky.  Steve, has no physical impairment.  what it affected in his brain was the speech and to me the hardest of all comprehension.

so I have been missing and spending as much time as I can learning about aphasia.  It can be caused from a stroke, or trauma to the head.   The portion of the brain, used for speech has to be retrained.  So this is a long road.

Today, was speech therapy day and I think he did very well. Better then he did last week, at least to me.

 I have a lot to learn, and it was mentioned today I might need to attend classes to learn how to be a therapist.
I really hope it does not come to that.

Now, you might be wondering what happen to the laundry space make over???? well, I ran into some problems there that I do not know how to solve.  

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