Sunday 28 January 2018


                        Back to blogging

Sorry, I went missing.  The computer decided it no longer wanted to work.  How frustrating these machines can be.
So off to the shop it went, with the result in the tech's saying it was old and needed to be replaced.  How frustrating!!
Well, long story short, I have no clue what they did, but for now it is working and I will be happy with that.

Another, sad thing happened.  We had to put our beloved Joker down.  He was having some trouble but as all pet owners I hoped and prayed they were not serious.  Turned out they were serious and he was very, very old.  Joker, was so loyal and so sweet.  I will miss him very much.



  1. I am so sorry about, Joker. It is hard to lose a pet no matter how old they are. I am glad you got your computer working. I had to get a new one about a year ago...and let me tell you, Windows 10 is an animal unto itself. lol xo Diana

  2. So sorry for losing Joker.
    My laptop is old, too...I hope it hangs on for awhile!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your beloved dog, Nonie. You will sure miss him. Dogs are such loyal companions. I'm glad your computer is working for you now. I was wondering where you were?