Saturday 16 December 2017


              A memory most of us share

My daughter, was explaining her Christmas tree dilemma .  
She will be hosting the family Christmas  this year but because they just adopted a kitten!!  Putting up the tree right now was not an option.

She was explaining  how in the old days 👵  the tree was not put up until Christmas day and then taken down the same day.  Not, sure if this is true but it was her explanation.

She went on to say "you remember"😒 well no!  not really.
What I do remember is the orange in my stocking.  It was a big deal!! 
  I don't remember getting a lot of gifts.  I do remember the stocking.  Filled with nuts and that wonderful orange.


  1. I do know a lot of people put their tree up on Christmas Eve but I don't know when they took it down. When I was a kid we put the tree up on my birthday, usually- Dec 12th. Mother always took her tree down on New Year's Day.
    Happy Christmas to you---tree or no tree at your daughter's house. lol xo Diana

  2. Nonie, your post really got to me tonight, as I got an orange and nuts in my stocking every year growing up too. And it's funny how we remember the simplest thing. To this day, my kids put one in my stocking every year, and I think about my mom. You should watch "Christmas Oranges." I think you would really enjoy it.

    Have a merry Christmas week, Nonie.