Sunday, 17 September 2017


                       Learning to love it

Thank you to all the fall lovers, that have shared such beautiful fall stories.  I am seeing fall from a different view.
I have always seen fall, as the entry to winter.  I wasn't stopping to see how beautiful the colors are, how the wonderful cool air invites you to sit a bit outside and smell the fresh cool air.

So I tried my hand at some decorating:

                   I dressed a pumpkin

                       I added fall flowers

                                    Added some fall decorating
                                 To the hutch

Thank you friends, for sharing how pretty fall can be. 


  1. Your Fall decorating is charming, Nonie. Love that little pilgrim boy on your hutch. The flowers are the perfect color for Fall. Oh, I love this season.....and all the pumpkin and apple goodies make it more special. : )


  2. Hi, Nonie...I so love your sweet spirit and personality...Fall has always been a favorite around here...Bill loved it when he was much younger so he could go hunting...I liked it because of family times at Thanksgiving...I am not big on decorating for fall...I wait until Christmas most years.
    Your decorations are so pretty....xoxoxo