Monday 11 September 2017


                                        Asking the experts

I would really like to grow my blog.  I need advice from all of you who have such wonderful blogs.  I am not sure if I should respond to your comments, on the blog or by email? 
Love reading the comments, even if I am just reading them on your blogs.
I am so thrilled to meet you, and I would love to meet more. Now, this is a little hard for me as I am so darn shy.  For a long time people have said I was stand offish or thought myself better, and that's not true at all, I am terrified of people.  I like you a lot you just scare me!!
So, I think I am ready to expose myself and all my faults and short comings and to learn so much from you.  Do you know, I have lived in this new little community for a year, have talked to one neighbor once and the other neighbor, just moved away this week end.  Hope it wasn't from something I said.  I only spoke to her a few times.
so if you can spare a little advice, I would love it!!

                            our amazing valley


  1. Nonie, some bloggers reply in different ways. When someone asks me a question, I will respond to it back on their blog. Some bloggers respond on their own blogs, and that doesn't make sense to me, cause not everyone goes back to their blog to see their reply. I have blog friends who reply every time I visit them through e-mail, and I think that's nice and appreciate it so much, but that's a bit time consuming for me, and I only reply when someone has a question. But I really think if we want to receive comments, we should give comments as well. And sometimes I get bothered when I comment on a blog all the time, and they only comment once in awhile on mine. I think you are off to a great start. Your posts are not too long, which is another pet peeve of mine haha, and they are interesting, charming, and your words are honest. I chuckled when you said, "I like you a lot, you just scare me." No need to be timid of this girl. You will find that I am a sweet blog friend. Direct and to the point sometimes, but sweet and sincere. I really enjoy reading your posts, and I wish you all the best in this blog land journey.


  2. Hi Nonie, I take the time to reply to everyone via email that I can. I think it makes a connection with them and then they visit more often and soon become an old friend. My other piece of advice to you is to visit, visit, visit other blogs (that you like) and always leave a comment. It is a bit time consuming but once you get used to doing it --it goes pretty. When I first started blogging there were lots of little ol' bloggers and we all kind of followed each other...and then there was a group that became big bloggers---and things changed. Just be friendly and leave comments every chance you get. It will come....It just takes time. Sing up to follow all the blogs you like and they will usually sign up to follow you, too. Good luck...and I promise I am not scary at all---unless you see me getting up/pre-coffee. lol xo diana