Tuesday 6 December 2022

I miss the little things the most!


I am so blessed to be able to live in this part of the country. although today it is all white and will be for a long time to come, is just one more thing that adds to its beauty.

Today, I am Amazon shopping for a coffee table.  I brought the big one with me when we moved, and it is way to big for this little house.  So, I know what I would like to replace it,   the hard part is shopping amazon.  There was a time when I would want something, say a coffee table and off we would go.  We would search every furniture store and thrift shop.  We would spot the one we wanted and yet still keep searching, only to come back and buy the one we wanted.

Today, I tried to show Steve pictures of what I am picking out.  I think it will fit the space better, has a glass top so should blend well with the glass end tables I will be keeping. So I will order it, just not the same as shopping would have been, Just a little thing.

Monday night football another little/big thing.  Yes, we would watch Sunday football and Sunday night football, but, Monday we had set aside as nacho night.  Before the game, Steve would swing by our favorite Mexican restaurant for takeout nachos, so Monday night game was munching down on nachos and yesterday being Monday, I really was tempted to order nacho's.  

It's just those little things. 


  1. Yes, it's the little things we remember most, isn't it? I think you should treat yourself to some nachos, Nonie. They sound delicious watching a football game or even our favorite movie. You know, Nel shops Amazon a lot, and she buys the cutest things from there. I hope you find just the right coffee table you're looking for. I know what you mean........I've been wanting a smaller dining room table. I really like the one I have, and it's sturdy, but a smaller one would be better for this house. A beautiful photo of the snow on the mountains.

    Have a blessed week, Nonie.


  2. Hi, Nonie! I am SO sorry to read your posts today and hear about what you are dealing with. May God hold you extra close and comfort you through this sad, difficult time. My heart goes out to you.

  3. New here...sending you a big hug. We all are experiencing things we'd rather not. My sister has cancer...we'll find out Friday, how bad it is. Until then, I plaster on that fake smile everyone tells me I need.
    Following you...