Thursday, 4 June 2020

Not A Master Chef

Basic food here:

I married a very fussy eater, so I didn't venture out much with food.
I learned to put onions through the blender, before adding them to
recipes.  A ,what you don't know,  wont be complained about.
His mom was a wonderful cook, and I always over ate,  when we
went to her house for dinner.
In fact she made the first tacos I ever had!  Even making her own tortillas.    At the time Mexican food was not popular in our state, and they had moved here from California.

I ventured out and tried something, I made up!

I had some chicken thighs, I had some honey mustard
dressing (because I love it).

Put the honey mustard dressing, over the chicken thighs
and baked
Oh my golly, that was the best chicken thighs I have 
had in a long time.

So good, I had to take a picture! 


  1. Well Nonie, That is simple enough and sound very good. I like honey mustard too. Blessings, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

  2. Oh, this chicken looks soooo good, Nonie. I smiled about your mother-in-law making her own tortillas, cause my mom used to too. She made homemade beans and rice and tortillas, and I sure miss that. We have Mexican restaurants all over here in California. It's a favorite among some people.