Tuesday, 5 November 2019

The Kitchen Lights

Now for the kitchen

The new light were installed the same day
as the dining lights and
boy do I love them.

Don't look at my mess on the counter.
concentrate on the light!
Really hard to get a picture of the ceiling! 

They are the nickel finish flush mount.

No bulbs!  this is so new to me, but others are
already using these fixtures.

I can say, I love them.  the no bulbs is a huge
factor!  The best part is the light!
Very bright light, very easy on the eyes.
As it is also a very soft light.
I do love them!

Again-do not judge me about the counters!


  1. Oh i love them too. So pretty and great with no bulbs.

  2. Oh, I'm glad you are pleased with your new light fixtures, Nonie. They are really nice. And a lot of lighting, that's the best part. It's fun to see all the improvements you're making around your place.