Monday 9 April 2018


                           Paradise for sure!

      Imagine these in your front yard

 That is what Lexie gets to see in her front yard.

    Here is a wallaby and her joey.  I am amazed!!

As you might have guessed my friend Lexie lives in Queensland Australia.   I love getting pictures from her.

 We share our love of roses, although I am sure hers grow better then mine.

 A butterfly this beautiful would take my breath away.

Well,there is a glimpse of Lexie's Paradise.  I will share more later, I do not want to over whelm you. 

1 comment:

  1. That is the prettiest butterfly, Nonie. Yes, your friend lives in such a gorgeous area with nature all around her. I have one blog friend from Australia, and I just came from visiting her blog. It is Autumn there right now.

    Looking forward to seeing more pics from your friend.