Thursday, 21 May 2020


I love visiting, other bloggers homes. I have so many favorites and will take some time to share those with you, so you can visit also.  
You might already know of these you tubers.
I like to start my day off with Olivia
of Olivia's romantic home.

Today she started out with a home tour.
She has such a cozy home and that means so much to me, as I try to make my space cozy.
Olivia, is a lot of fun, does some fun DIY projects, mainly using items for the dolla r tree.

Lot of fun, during this stay home
You would think it would be hard to find DIY's when you have to stay home, but she has made it all work.


  1. Nonie, I tried going over to the blog, and it took forever to download. Was freezing up. I noticed she has a lovely home. I find inspiration when I see other bloggers' homes as well. I think my friend Jemma's blog, 'At Home with Jemma' would inspire you. She's on my side bar, and she is the most creative crafty person.


    1. she has a you tube chanel, maybe that would be a better way. I will check and see why it was freezing, thank you