Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Candle time again
I love burning candles, but way to often
I lose my candles to what is called tunneling.
When the wax burns just in the center,
leaving a hole around the wick 
and the candle no longer burns.

Kind of like this:

 There are different reasons why candles tunnel.
The main reason given is, it is not burned long enough
the first time it is lit.
On pier 1, web site, they recommend burning
the first time for a total of three hours.

Candle in bad shape. Deeply tunneled

These candles came from pier1 and really
do need to be replaced. But!  I wanted to
know about tunneling and if you could fix it.

The remedy I chose, was to 
use my old hair dryer. If you had a heat gun
it would work even better.

The other method i read about
used fire.  So I went with non fire.
The idea is, to melt the wax build up
around the wick, and make the top
of the candle level again.

There was a lot of melting, digging
melting, digging, going on.
I chose to dig with a spoon, just in case! 
I also saved my wax scraps, that I will put
in a cute holder to help make the 
bathroom smell better.

So this is what I have now, I just need a 
few hours to burn them and see
if they will burn evenly.

With all of this, I am still in need of new candles.
I just hope I take better care of them.

Sunday, 13 October 2019


Some help!

I have been trying to decide on the light 
fixtures for kitchen and dining room.

I keep going back and forth with my thinking
on what I like, what will work and whats on sale

I like these. They have a very modern clean look. Not sure modern would be the look I am going for.


 I also like these.  Not quite as modern looking
Still very clean looking.
Both light sets are LED. 

For the dining room!
Of coarse I fell in love with
the crystals and sparkles. Lets face it
those would not work.
Maybe one of these?

At first I was thinking small and
searching for  three lights
because of the space. This is a five light
vintage tuscan.

This is a five light Allen Roth
I think it has more weight to it.
I don't think it would over whelm it's space,

Five light French. I almost think this one might
be my favorite.  I like the look of the small 
shades on the bulbs.

I also think, because of the location 
I would like to add a dimmer. Not sure 
about that either!

 So, I do have some decision to make. If there is
something you like please share 
your thoughts.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Then there is this!

I will come right to the point. Sitting all
by itself, on a mountain highway
You will spot!
They make their own fudge!!
Did I tell you, they make it?
It is so yummy, so fudgie. 
I made that last word up because
there are no words!

 The back yard is a roaring river.
All around this wonderful place
with such wonderful fudge
Is the beauty of the mountains 
Who could resist a trip to the forest
to sample some fudge.

Thursday, 3 October 2019


Fall and time to go inside.
This post is very hard for me, but
I feel I really need to share.
I need to come to grips!

We moved to this mobile home community
after Steve had his heart attack and five way
by pass.  There was just so  much to be done
to keep up our home and that was no
longer possible, without hiring help.

Mobile homes are hard to find, we
were lucky and found this one by
word of mouth. So far all the homes
in this area go before ever going on the market.

With that said! it was not in the best shape,
But we dug in.  Not long after we moved in,I
got pneumonia and spent several weeks in the hospital.

The next big thing to happen Steve had
a stroke! 

Now!! it is time to dig in and turn this place into
a home, I can be proud of.
This is the dining room. 
I want to do something to the cabinets, 
not sure what!

They are dark holes at night

This is the ugly dining room light. 
I think a small chandelier, would look nice.
What do you think?  

The next thing that has to go is the ugly
kitchen lights.
That is probably enough ugly for one post.
besides it is a bit embarrassing.  

Monday, 30 September 2019


I will be honest, I have never liked fall.

I know I need to at least see the beauty.
I am a summer person, it never gets to hot!
The super long days just fill me with
all the energy I need to keep going, way
into the night.

Suddenly, the days get short, the air turns cold.
This is just a pre-view of what is to come.
Something called winter.

So, I decided I would try to see
what everyone else was talking about.

As the nights cool, the trees bust forth 
 putting on their show of color.
Mums bloom!
 So pretty
 Pumpkins get dressed up
 Samantha, loves fall

The burning bushes put on a show

We also get some fun holidays
so I guess fall is not so bad!

Friday, 27 September 2019



I am so blessed to live by the mighty Columbia
I am blessed that we are able to own a boat and
float down the river.
I am blessed to live in paradise!

Some days you just have to take a deep 
breath and remember to keep

To just be 

Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Now,  for the last two
when you get your fix, you get five items to
add to your wardrobe.   If you are anything
like me, to rebuild your wardrobe.

These are the tops they sent.

Look at how cute the cuffs are.  Oh and it is so soft and goes with everything.

Not only cute cuffs but!! These tops are bat winged
sleeves and that is perfect for me.
They add the fullness, some of us need
to hide those imperfections  without
looking like I am wearing one
size to large.
Both tops can fit over a blouse, so you have a collar. Look wonderful with a necklace too.

I am super happy. I would never have 
chosen these on my own.
If they were in a store I would have walked right
by them.   

Yes, I am waiting for my next fix!