Wednesday, 14 March 2018


                      The sound of water is so healing

                     He leads me beside the still waters

                      A place to rest for awhile

                         Just sit and relax and reflect 

                             I love this place

March 20th, will be the first day of spring.  I am so looking forward to it.  Spring always brings a new beginning, so let this spring bring a new beginning for all of us.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


                                          Marty Does that!!

Do you follow Marty and her blog a stroll through life?     I love her blog, I live at her blog spot.  This lady is for real as is many of my blog friends but she showed me her laundry room!!   Who does that????

So many blogs are about pretty flowers and pretty tables that I will never be able to achieve.  
Marty, shows me that my bathroom can be a jewel box, that laundry can be can decorating success, that a kitchen can be a super market.  All the behind the fences, views that what I call fancy blogs don't show you.

so I am gearing up to someday show you what is behind my doors.   It will be an inspiration from Marty.  For now,the doors will be closed but I promise you, there will come a day when I am no longer embarrassed, if the doors get left open.

 P.S I told you my house is tiny!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Our New Normal?

                        I PRAY IT"S NOT

Steve is home.  That is good news, more good news is, he is in perfect health.  Now, that sounds wrong but physically there is nothing wrong, which is good.  The stroke left him with what is called aphasia.   He can think, he can function as normal but can not translate the words or thoughts to come through verbally.  So, most of the time his speech is jumbled.

   I would love to be able to define aphasia, but from what I have learned it is different for every patient.  There are things that can be done in helping.  Mostly right now it is a learning curve for me.

Always look for beauty where you do not expect it. This flower blooms along the river bank, what are the chances of it living and blooming here?  The river, has floods, yet this little flower has never been washed away.  On a glorious spring day she chose to bloom.  Bloom, where you are planted.

Monday, 19 February 2018


                    Always my favorite verse

I have several that are favorites but this one is special.  Due to circumstances, when I was in high school.  I ended up living with my sisters in-laws my senior year. 
Her mother in law was a wonderful christian lady, who taught me about Christ and what being a christian is all about.
Her gift to me upon my graduation, was a bible and on the front page--"In all thy ways acknowledge the Lord and he will direct your path." 
That verse gave me so much comfort, knowing as I headed out to the unknown that all will be well, as long as I turn to God.
Now, once again, I head into the unknown.  I know our life will never be the same.  

Thank you all for your visits, your wonderful comments, that really help me feel as though I am not alone.  
I will always look for the pot of gold at the end of the rain bow and know as Steve gets better and stronger I also will get better and stronger.

Saturday, 17 February 2018


 Monday, my sweet hubby had a stroke.  He was in the kitchen starting to bake a cake.  I was in another room but heard noises that just were so wrong, so I went to investigate and saw him hanging on to the kitchen sink about to fall.  
There was nothing I could do but grab him and help make the fall a little softer.  I called 911 and also called out son that works near by.  Most of the following all becomes a blur. They did fly Steve to Seattle trauma center one of the best places to be.
As of now, he is recovering.  It will be slow, and so far he is not able to come to this area.  We live three hours away from Seattle and over a snow covered pass.  I did stay with him for a couple of days but for both of us, it was better I come home.

 It was a snow covered world when I woke this morning. I have never been so happy about snow then I am today, for some reason it seems to be a calming feature.  So quiet and calming.

I am going to try to write often, just to help me get though this.  I am looking forward to being able to post on your blogs but for right now, I try to read and nothing is registering.   

Sunday, 28 January 2018


                        Back to blogging

Sorry, I went missing.  The computer decided it no longer wanted to work.  How frustrating these machines can be.
So off to the shop it went, with the result in the tech's saying it was old and needed to be replaced.  How frustrating!!
Well, long story short, I have no clue what they did, but for now it is working and I will be happy with that.

Another, sad thing happened.  We had to put our beloved Joker down.  He was having some trouble but as all pet owners I hoped and prayed they were not serious.  Turned out they were serious and he was very, very old.  Joker, was so loyal and so sweet.  I will miss him very much.


Saturday, 16 December 2017


              A memory most of us share

My daughter, was explaining her Christmas tree dilemma .  
She will be hosting the family Christmas  this year but because they just adopted a kitten!!  Putting up the tree right now was not an option.

She was explaining  how in the old days 👵  the tree was not put up until Christmas day and then taken down the same day.  Not, sure if this is true but it was her explanation.

She went on to say "you remember"😒 well no!  not really.
What I do remember is the orange in my stocking.  It was a big deal!! 
  I don't remember getting a lot of gifts.  I do remember the stocking.  Filled with nuts and that wonderful orange.