Friday, 2 June 2017


                                        We bought it any how!

You might wonder what makes people that seem normal take on such a project.  
For one:  We wanted to move to an adult park of manufactured homes.
Two:  those homes are super hard to find. They sell as they hit the market, but, most of the time they never hit the market.
Three: This one never hit the market, a friend was helping us look and when she herd about this one she called.
We looked at it and I wanted to run. Not only was it a mess it stank so bad you could only be in it for a few minutes.

I will show you a few before pictures.  I would love to hear your opinion.

 this is what the kitchen looked liked!!  
guess you can tell it is a kitchen.

 The side opposite the sink area.

 This is the bathroom off the master bedroom.
                                                The guest bathroom

None of this was pleasant to think about.  None of that feeling of getting to move to a new place.  
I was, depressed for months.  Still it was something we had to do.  

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