Friday, 19 May 2017


                             OKAY, so I exaggerated!

After being pretty unhappy about where we moved to, I started re-following Marty, who owns the blog "A Stroll Thru Life".   
Her advice, was, change your mind, look at things with a different point of view.  By changing your point of view your home can become your castle. 
Maybe for me, it will start with the little things, like not using the dining room table as a place to store things.  Actually clean it off and do a center piece.
Just because you have to down size, does not mean you give up on life.  Just means, things have changed.

Marty, is a wonderful person.  I only know her by following her blog, but I look forward to each new entry.  I know I will learn something new.  I know I will get inspired to try something new.  
For now, I will trick my mind into thinking I have a castle. My tiny bathrooms will become jewel boxes, (another blog post from Marty).
another point, Marty does all her decorating on a budget, she can take something old and thru her vision make it something new.
So, if you have not discovered A stroll thru life, follow her for awhile and you to will know you live in a castle.

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  1. Oh wow, what a fabulous compliment. We downsized from 3200 to 1800 11 years ago and in an area that I didn't want to live. 34 miles away from anything or anyone I knew. I hated it and didn't do anything for over a year except plop furniture down and hate each and every room and the area I lived in. Now there was nothing wrong with that house, in fact it is one that ANYBODY would have been grateful to have. It was also a new area and everything was brand new, even all the shopping areas which weren't many, but they did have a couple small strip malls. Finally I woke up and felt like I was being totally ungrateful, so I got busy selling furniture, redoing goodwill finds and trying to figure out how on a $00 budget to make this a home I loved or at least liked and was proud to have friends in. It's amazing what a change of attitude can do. I am so thrilled to call you my friend and can't wait to follow along as you look at things from a different perspective and create a home that you really love (like) too. Thanks again for the great shout out.