Monday, 15 May 2017


                                  SPRING AND TIME FOR FLOWERS

         Just love my hanging basket 
               of petunias

         These are geraniums.  I added 
         them to a hanging planter.

         Mothers day gift, another hanging
           basket of geraniums.  
            Just love them.
           This is my first year of
         trying to grow the sweet potato
         vine.  I am hoping it just goes
         wild and take over the spot. 
         It is in a hanging planter.

           I am always amazed that these 
         keep coming back, year after year
         They are lilies,from a Easter 
          present, given years ago.

           A porch planter, planted with
           petunias.  I have never planted
           plants this tiny.  Will see how
            they do!

That is my porch garden so far.  I am hoping it grows and as I sit on the swing I can enjoy being surrounded by flowers.        

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  1. Your flowers are pretty, Nonie. I always have to stop for red flowers. Flowers are the magic in our lives. I am enjoying reading your posts. They are simple and sweet. You have a lovely blog.